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About Bam

Bam city 193 km southeast of Kerman in the region between mountains and plains and mountain Jebal obvious bruising and were the high mountains around Bam, causing groundwater being Vghny frequency region. 

Therefore regional Green Bam, Abad, was gonna Srtmnd. The city and 29 degrees 69 minutes north latitude and 58 degrees 27 minutes east of town is the height of 1050 meters above sea level and the city of Bam area of 17,755 square kilometers and population is about 78 thousand people. 

In the northeast of Bam, Brbala and huge range of rocky fortress hurled a strong foundation that Locals call it the citadel of the great building, Shhrqdym Bam, the Citadel of Bam city and its castle, including the very important military and is an historical. 
Citadel of Bam perfect example of architectural styles and examples of architecture in the centuries can be seen. 

Collection Citadel of Bam, including the old city and castle, nearly 20 hectares (over the western side of Arg 520 and its width is 430 m) area and distance citadel and fortress, is nearly 6 acres. 
Tuesday the castle gardens and homes and farms, and surrounded on the north side of the river along the river have been behind.






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