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Workshop/Tutorial chair : 
Mohadeseh Soleimanpour


Call for Workshop/Tutorial Proposals

We invite proposals for half-day or full-day workshops and tutorials. These workshops and tutorials will be held after the main conference, on March 8. They will take place at the main conference venue, Higher Education Complex of Bam, Bam, IRAN. The primary criteria for selection are the anticipated level of interest, the potential impact, and the presenters' technical background.

Workshops promote informal discussion of an active research area. Tutorials involve formal presentation of the principles (e.g., tools and methods) behind an established research area. We particularly welcome creative new formats for both workshops and tutorials that increase the number of participants, that encourage participants to stay for the full duration of the event, that enhance discussion among participants, that increase the level of interaction between established experts and early-career researchers, and that make useful connections to fields outside of swarm and evolutionary computation.

Traditionally, tutorials attract a broad range of audiences, including professionals, researchers from academia, students, and practitioners, who wish to enhance their knowledge in the selected tutorial topic. Tutorials offer a unique opportunity to disseminate in-depth information on specific topics in computational intelligence. Tutorials will be organized by scientists or professionals who have significant expertise in the selected topic and whose recent work has had a significant impact in their field. The format of each tutorial will be up to the organizer(s), but the focus should be on well-organized, systematic presentations of didactic value. Tutorial organizers should prepare various materials including handouts or electronic resources that will be made available for distribution before or during the tutorial. Setting up specific web pages for tutorials by tutorial organizers is highly encouraged. The audience size of an average tutorial is expected to be around 25-50. Organizers of successful tutorials may receive some minor compensation, the details of which will be communicated later.


Workshop/Tutorial Requirements

A proposal must be a pdf file submitted to Mohadeseh Soleimanpour ( The following information should be included in the proposal:

  • Title
  • Type and duration (Specify workshop or tutorial, half-day or full-day)
  • Names and affiliations of the organizers (including brief bio and contact info).
  • Abstract (200 word maximum)
  • Content (500 word maximum)/ Specific topics to be addressed and specific goals
  • Equipment. Anything needed other than a projector and screen.

We look forward to hosting your workshops and tutorials at CSIEC 2018.

Proposals should be sent by e-mail to: Mohadeseh Soleimanpour ( )



Important Dates for Workshop/Tutorial Proposals (Early proposals are highly encouraged)

  • Deadline for workshop and tutorial proposals : February 8, 2018
  • Notification of acceptance for workshops and tutorials : February 19, 2018 
  • Submission of a final 1-page abstract for the conference digest: February 24, 2018
  • Workshops and tutorials held at CSIEC 2018: March 8, 2018

 The number of workshops that have been considered are as follows:

Subject of Workshop

Workshop Organizer

Utilizing non-parametric statistical tests for comparing the performance of heuristic algorithms

Dr. Mahdi Eftekhari

 Meta-heuristic algorithms for optimizing industrial and service systems

Dr. Ehsan Daryabeigy

Content and semantic retrieval of image Dr. Abbas Bahrolulom
 Gravitational algorithm, its functions and various versions  Dr. Esmat Rashedi

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