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CSIEC'18 Topics

Topics of Interest:

CSIEC welcomes both theoretical research and practical applications in the field of swarm intelligence and evolutionary computation.
Topics of interest include but are not limited to: 

 Search Domains  Problem Domains  Application Domains
 Genetic Algorithms  Continuous   Systems and Control
 Genetic Programming  Binary   Robotics 
 Evolution Strategies  Discrete   Power Systems
 Evolutionary Programming  Combinatorial   Communication Engineering
 Differential Evolution  Multi-objective  Operations Research
 Artificial Immune Systems   Multi-modal  Decision Sciences
 Particle Swarm Optimization   Dynamic  Information Systems
 Ant Colony Optimization  Large-scale   internet computing
 Bacterial Foraging   Many-objective    Bioinformatics
 Artificial Bees   Co-evolution  Computational Biology 
  Harmony Search   Surrogate models  Mechanical Designs
 Gravitational search algorithm   Encoding and Representation  Business Intelligence
 Quantum Computing   Parameter Tuning   Image Processing
  Memetic Computing   Performance Measures  Computer Vision
 Fireflies Algorithm  Operators   Pattern Recognition
 Hybridization of Algorithms  Parallelization  Signal Processing
  Imperialism Competitive Learning    Learning and Adaptation  Networks and Graphs
 Tabu Search  Constrained  Manufacturing 
   Simulated Annealing  Stability and sensitivity analysis   Art and Music
  Bat Algorithm   Uncertainty   Agriculture and food 
 Intelligent Water Drop  Mathematical analysis  Data mining
  Other Metaheuristics  Other Problems
 Language, Speech, Linguistics
     Fuzzy Systems
     Neural Networks
     Machine Learning 
     Multi-Agent Systems
     Forecasting / Prediction
     Software Engineering 
     Computer Architecture
     Hardware Design
     Industrial Applications
    Energy Saving
    Other Applications


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3rd Conference on Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation