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Competition Chair:   Esmat Rashedi

1) Competition on Large Scale Global Optimization 
CSIEC2018 competition is organized in honor of Prof. Caro Lucas ( It is about the optimization of constrained optimization problems with swarm intelligence and evolutionary algorithms. Teams of up to three members can participate and at least one of the members should come to the conference. Collaboration between students with different fields of study is strongly encouraged. If you have any questions, please contact


Problem description

The CSIEC2018 competition is to optimize several standard constrained engineering problems. For more information, please download the problem description, Matlab codes, and the template for reporting the results from HERE.

How to participate

The team should submit a paper that represent the complete solution and the comparison results with the state of the art methods. To prepare the papers, please follow the conference template in either English or Farsi languages. After paper submission, the team should register for competition by submitting the paper ID, title of the paper, and team members to ‘’. Please mention ‘competition’ at the title of the email and make sure you receive the confirmation of the competition registration.

Accepted papers are published in the conference proceeding. To determine the winner, a panel of judges will assess the proposed solutions during an especial session at the first day of the conference. After the presentations, the judges will ask questions about the proposed solutions and implementation. The team should be ready to run the program on their own machine and present the results. The teams are judged based on their report, results, implementation, oral presentation, and answers to the questions.



At the closing ceremony, the competition prize will be awarded to the finalist team. The prize is included: the ‘Lucas’ cup, and the special gift of the csiec2018 that is going to be a surprise. The winner team members and their affiliation will be announced at the conference website.

2) Best Thesis Award

The CSIEC2018 best PhD/Msc Thesis award competition is organized in honor of Prof. Caro Lucas ( Only outstanding theses in the area of the conference topics and in Persian language are accepted. Each nominated dissertation must have been successfully defended after March 2016.  At the closing ceremony, the competition prize will be awarded to the winner. The prize is included: the ‘Lucas’ cup and a cash prize. 

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3rd Conference on Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation